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Vapor Intrusion is the process by which the chemicals in the soil or underground migrate

Protect Against Harmful Vapors

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Bickes Environmental Mitigation offers vapor intrusion services for multi-family housing units, industrial facilities, schools and other types of large buildings in the Nashville, TN area. All of our technicians are certified to work with the VOCs that can come from underground storage tanks, dry cleaners, gas stations, manufacturing plants and more.

For your peace of mind, our technicians also undergo background checks and drug screening. Schedule an appointment today to work with a commercial vapor intrusion company you can trust.

3 steps to a safer building

Vapors from groundwater and soil can cause serious health concerns, including cancer. That's why commercial vapor intrusion services are so important. When you hire us, we will:

  1. Diagnose your set of site-specific variables
  2. Design a solution that will address your needs, meet state regulations, and ensure effective mitigation
  3. Install the custom vapor intrusion system we've designed

With extensive training and plenty of experience, you can count on us to get the job done right.

Vapor Intrusion

Vapor Intrusion is the process by which the chemicals in the soil or the groundwater migrate into indoor air above a contaminated site. These chemicals are often Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC's and can be damaging to your health. These chemicals are often undetectable by human senses and must be tested for and these VOC's are consistently measured up to 10 times higher concentrations than the outdoors.

These noxious vapors can come with a wide variety of health concerns. The extent and nature of the health effects depends on many factors including the level of exposure and the length of time exposed.

Short term:

Acute health effects such as headaches or mental status changes
Eye, nose and throat irritation
Nausea, vomiting and dizziness
Worsening of asthma symptoms

Long term:

Lung Cancer from Radon
Liver and kidney disease
Central nervous system damage

Aesthetic problems such as odors, and extreme cases, explosions

VOC's may be worse for people with asthma, smokers with damaged lungs, children with developing lungs and the elderly.

Vapor forming chemicals may include and come from:

  • VOC's such as trichloroethylene, benzene, and naphthalene
  • Elemental mercury
  • Pesticides
  • Household solvents
  • Gasoline
  • Cleaning products & air fresheners
  • Paint, varnishes, caulks and adhesives
  • Fuel, oil and gasoline
  • Smoking, smoking tobacco and burning wood
  • Dry cleaners and heavily dry cleaned clothing

How to reduce VOC's in your home or building:

  • Source control and ventilation and climate control
  • Dispose unused chemicals
  • Store chemicals in a garage or open space that you do not share air
  • Use all products according to manufacturers suggestions
  • Keep out of reach of pets and children
  • Never Mix household care products unless directed on the label